June 2013: Summer Party


A week and a half before our June meeting, when the committee was discussing plans for the summer party, the sun was blazing and it was around 20 degrees. Nevertheless, knowing the temperamental British summer as we do, we decided it was best to make a back-up plan which we hoped we would not need.

It was touch-and-go. A few showers during the day made us nervous, but the weather was not as bad as the forecast. Still, when we met at the Tewit Well on the Stray in Harrogate, there were dark clouds looming ominously and the cold breeze had definitely picked up.

However, the brave ladies of Spa Sweethearts are not so easily deterred. We laid out or blankets and set up our camping chairs and got on with the picnic. Everyone had brought something to share, from olives and cheeses to pizza and quiche, finished off with some lovely cakes.

Once the picnic was finished, we set up for a game of rounders and split into two teams. There were lots of us who could only vaguely remember how to play and we kept remembering the rules as we went along. Others, however, seemed to have hidden talents and showed off excellent bowling, catching and batting skills. It was also a great way to keep warm in the chilly breeze!

Everyone enjoyed the picnic and those who were caught or run out when they were batting had more time to chat and have a drink while their teammates carried on. Despite the less-than-summery weather, it was a great summer party.



About Spa Sweethearts WI

A young, fun and diverse WI based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. We encourage women to leave their preconceptions of the organisation at the door and find out what the modern WI is really like. Guests are welcome at our meetings - why not give it a try? Spa Sweethearts WI meets on the second Thursday of each month, 7:30pm, at Christ Church on the Stray, Harrogate.

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