September 2021: Belly Dancing


In September we were joined by Beverley who took us on a journey through the history of bellydance and traditional Middle Eastern dancing. She demonstrated a variety of fantastic dances and explained when each one would have historically been used.

One of the most impressive dances was the one that involved the ‘Shamadam’, am intricate head-dress that holds a number of candles. Beverley danced with ease whilst wearing this head dress and explained how this dance and head-dress is used to make an entrance to a wedding with the bride and groom.

She then showed us her beautiful outfits before we had our own go at some bellydancing moves. There was a lot of shimmying, jingling and laughter during this wonderful evening.

Thank you Beverley! If anyone is interested in taking lessons please see her flyer below.

About Spa Sweethearts WI

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