What happens at meetings?

Meetings include ‘business’, where members are updated on all things Spa Sweethearts and are also provided with information from our federation and the WI nationally. The main part of the evening is either a talk, demonstration or practical element. Refreshments are available.

How much is membership?

The annual subscription for 2021 is £44.

Can I attend as a guest?

Yes, guests are more than welcome at a charge of £5 per session. Please note that guest places are limited and not available for every meeting, so if interested, please email spasweetheartswi@hotmail.co.uk

Does Spa Sweethearts run any sub-groups?

Yes, a craft club, book group, cocktail group, board games club and more. You can find information about the sub-groups here. If you’re interested in starting a group please contact the committee at spasweetheartswi@hotmail.co.uk.

How does the programme work?

We plan our programme well in advance, so we can book the best speakers for our meetings. Usually, this process begins in the summer of the previous year, and everything will be finalised by November, ready for us to publish the new programme in December. We are very proud of the design of our programme (always hugely creative thanks to our brilliant members!) and if the content: we work hard to make it varied and interesting, so there is something for everyone. Members can pick and choose which sessions they come to, but to get the best out of your membership, we recommend trying everything – you never know, you might discover a hidden talent or a new passion! If you have a suggestion for the next year’s programme, please do contact us, speak to one of the committee members or pop a note in the suggestions box at one of our meetings.

What about previous speakers – can I find out more about them?

The full list of past meetings is on our  blog, and you can also look at previous programmes. We encourage all our speakers to give our members discounts and special offers during or after their talks. If you missed any meetings, or want to see what else is on offer from our previous speakers (and others), have a look at the Friends of Spa Sweethearts page.

How can I find out more?

If you can’t find all you need, and require more information, please visit the contact section and get in touch by email, or on Facebook or Twitter.