May 2018: Salvaged Gardens


Everyone who attended our May meeting had an enjoyable and creative experience and left with a lovely new addition to their home. Adding tea, cake and friendship, we had a perfect WI evening! We were shown how to design and make our own terrariums by Salvaged Gardens, a family run business from Leeds. We found out how air plants live in the rainforest or deserts, using their roots to anchor them and extracting water from the air around them. We were then shown how to make own our miniature gardens from the myriad of accessories on offer. We had each brought a glass container and set about filling them with stones, sand, moss and even sheep’s wool to create the perfect home for our little air plants to thrive in. We learnt how to keep them happy by misting them with water and many people bought extra plants to continue making at home. A new hobby has begun…..


April 2018: Indie Businesses


Our April meeting fell in the Easter holidays and was slightly quieter than usual but still over 40 sweethearts turned out to hear a talk about Harrogate’s independent businesses.  Thanks to Sue for organising a display featuring  a variety of local businesses including The Food Assembly, Sophie Likes, The Cheeseboard and Lily North photography. We also had raffle prizes donated by The Cheeseboard, Posh Paws and our own sweethearts businesses’ The Kitchen and Amanda Earle cakes.

The talk was led by Paul from Baltzersens and Norse. He told us his own story from being in the army to owning a café in Harrogate and described some of the challenges facing independent businesses on the modern High Street. A lively discussion ensued, taking in the role of the council, the use of the Stray, private landlords, retail businesses and brought us back to supporting indies with our own custom- a WI resolution from a few years back. It was a very interesting evening which began and ended with delicious cinnamon buns kindly donated by Paul.  Thanks to everyone involved

March 2018: The Secret Bakery


We had a record turnout for our March meeting with over 60 sweethearts turning up to hear all about the Secret Bakery.  Liz was a fantastic speaker telling us about her own baking experience with her family to setting up her successful business from her own kitchen.  She showed us her foolproof method for making the perfect loaf and explained how different types of flour would affect the finished product. As the bread proved we got to ask Liz questions and give the dough a good poke to see how it should feel.  A couple of sweethearts even tried out the kneading method to see how easy it was. There was a lively question and answer session with lots of us vowing to go straight home to try it out. Check out our Facebook page to see some of the results.  The raffle prize of a £20 voucher for the bakery was won by one of our new members who was delighted! All in all we had a very inspiring evening.