If you have a craft idea you would like to share
with the group we would love to  hear from you.

Paper Stars

Another craft from our October meeting; these look great on their own or strung together to make a garland.

  1. Cut your square diagonally to make a triangle.
  2. Concertina fold the whole thing from the small point to the end.
  3. Fold up in half to make a leaf shape and secure with double sided tape.
  4. Make 6 and stick together with more tape.



Scandi Fabric Stars

A chance to look ahead at one of the crafts we’ll be doing at our October meeting.

These Scandinavian fabric stars are perfect for Christmas decorations and no sewing required!IMG_1322


Here is a way to use up scraps of wood and paint leftover from other projects.

1. Find 3 pieces of wood and sand the edges to make them smooth.
2. Paint 3 edges white.
3. Now paint the flat sides in different colours. Make the paint come slightly over the edges  (see photo)
4. When it is dry use a sharpie to draw pages on the white edges
5. Write the names of your favourite books on the edges. Gold paint looks good but a sharpie is easier to use.
6. Glue gun the 3 together.

Sugar ScrubIMG_1247

Sugar scrubs are an easy exfoliant to make for a gift or as a treat for yourself.

1. Simply mix together 1 cup of granulated sugar with ¼ cup of olive oil.
2. Add some food colouring, essential oils and some rose petals or lavender from the garden.

This should store in a glass jar for up to a month.


Mindful ColouringIMG_9166

As our June meeting was so focussed on relaxation, this month’s craft is lovely and restful too.

For some mindful colouring all you need is some colouring pens and/or pencil crayons (you can borrow them from the kids!) and a colouring sheet. There are loads of sheets free to downloads from places like Pinterest.

There are also lots of lovely books available. Waterstones have a nice selection: https://www.waterstones.com/category/hobbies-quizzes-games/adult-colouring-books

Garden Noughts & Crosses

You will need:
Pebbles, red and black paint, varnish if you want to keep them outside, chalk.PicMonkey Collage

Step 1:
Find 8-10 similar shaped and sized pebbles.  Smooth round ones are best.

Step 2:
Paint  half of them red and half of them black.garden noughts and crosses

Step 3:
Yellow stripes make the black ones into bees. Black spots make the red ones into ladybirds.
[A coat of varnish will make them more durable.]

Step 4:
Use them to play noughts and crosses in the garden!

You could even find some nice bee material to make a little bag to carry them in.
You could also plant some flowers this month to help our bees.

Have fun.

Jazz up your Jam Jars

Step 1:
Get some jam jars, wash them and remove their labels. (A bit of white spirit can help)

Step 2:
Use some of the lovely chalk paint we learned about in March (or acrylic works just as well) to paint the lids. A couple of coats may be needed but its fast drying so it won’t take long.

Step 3:
Now add some designs to the lids, again using acrylic paints. Ideas for these designs can be found on the You Can Folk It website. The daisies are easy to copy using a cocktail stick. There are lots of designs out there to copy or let your imagination go wild!

Step 4:
Add a ribbon and use them to store all kinds of things.
You could also paint some wooden hearts the same way as the jam jars. They are cheap and easily available. The ones shown were just 25p each. They are perfect for labels.
You can even paint on the glass itself.

And they would look lovely full of jam for a WI competition!

We hope you enjoy trying this month’s craft. If you would like to contribute to Craft of the Month please email us or speak to one of the committee at our monthly meeting.