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November 2013: Crafts for Christmas


We’ve always known the Spa Sweethearts were a talented bunch, but our November meeting was the first chance many of us had to share our skills.

We had four different work stations set up around the room offering the chance to make a range of festive crafts with help from committee members. Suzanne showed her group how to make gorgeous felt reindeer decorations, Sue and Rachael were decorating fairy cakes with Christmas characters, Bex taught a group of ladies how to create a 3D Christmas pudding and Vicky had a table of card-making kit to keep everyone busy.

While some of the crafts took all evening to complete, others were less time consuming, so many of us had the chance to visit more than one table. As well as learning new skills, it was a good opportunity to meet a few new people and catch up with some we hadn’t spoken to for a while.

Sharing skills is something we’re keen to do more of in the future. If you can make or do something which you think other members may be interested in, we’d love to hear from you – just speak to any committee member or contact us by email.

Meanwhile, the December meeting will be Christmas Greenery, when we’ll be making a table centre to put the finishing touch to your Christmas meals. There are several items you will need to bring for this:

* Scissors/secateurs
* Variegated greenery eg holly, ivy, conifer etc
* Plate/base to put the arrangement on
* Candle
* Ribbon

You can also bring extra items to decorate your display, such as small baubles, ribbons, berries, fir cones, fresh flowers and dried fruit. The oasis blocks you need will be available to buy at £2 each, and guests are welcome to join us for £4 each (plus £2 for oasis, so £6 total).


November: Crackers and cards


The Spa Sweethearts were feeling festive in November – and our crafting session gave us great tips and ideas for Christmas with plenty of time left to go and make them at home.

We started by making Christmas crackers. It was surprisingly easy – a couple of toilet roll inners, some wrapping paper and a snap were all we needed to make a basic cracker. We just had to decide what went inside them and how we decorated them.

After that, we tried our hands at making Christmas cards which featured a 3D Christmas tree. Again, the process was surprisingly simple and we just had to decide how we wanted to decorate them once they were put together.



Crafters Gemma, Ilona, Elisa and Georgi had provided plenty of sparkle to make sure our crafts felt suitably festive. Because they weren’t too complicated, we were able to chat while we worked without risking everything going horribly wrong.

At the end of the night, Gemma invited everyone to the crafting sessions she runs as a sub-group of Spa Sweethearts – a good chance to practise our newly-acquired skills and learn some new ones.

Now the Spa Sweethearts know how to make stylish crackers and cards, there will be some beautifully adorned tables and mantelpieces around Harrogate and beyond this Christmas.

December 2011: Christmas wreaths


A wet and windy night meant our demonstrator for the December meeting was unable to make it to Harrogate.

But we were rescued by an intrepid team of women from elsewhere in the federation, who very kindly offered to help out at the last minute. Decorative wreaths must be a mainstay of WIs across the country, because they all knew exactly what they were doing despite having just a few hours’ notice!

With a record-breaking number of ladies attending, the room was soon filled with sprigs of greenery, clumps of berries and sparkling bows and baubles. As our friendly helpers walked around supervising our efforts, dozens of beautiful, individual creations began to take shape.

It was interesting to see how different some of the wreaths could look, even though most of us were using the same materials. Some were very neat and well manicured with tiny foil-wrapped presents and miniature baubles on them, while others were more natural-looking, with larger pieces of holly and ivy and making use of natural decorations such as cut flowers and pine cones.

As our final meeting of the year, it was a great way to celebrate together – a room full of laughter and everyone taking something home at the end. It was also a good thing we had moved venue because we could never have fitted all those ladies, plus the oasis rings and bags full of branches, into the room at the Conservative Club! But it was a great sign of just how well the group is going that so many people turned up to what was only our third full meeting.

Merry Christmas everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all again throughout 2012!